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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dollhouse Armchair

 Dollhouse Arm Chair Video Tutorial

Your Dolls are sure to love this chair for their reading nook, or space.  This chair took me three try's before finally coming up with this.  I got the design inspiration by just looking at my dolls and where their arms would bend.  We are compiling our Monster High Dollhouse and school grounds.  But Before we show you the big reveal on our dollhouse, I wanted to show you all of the things that will go in it first.  I don't want to design the doll house and then design the furniture.  The reason? you ask.  I want all of the furniture and accessories to fit.  However we will show you tutorials with scales that can fit any sized doll.  So if this chair is to big to fit in your house, just down size it to fit your doll, but the design is still the same.